What's Going On Here Exactly?

The DPA started as a dream, a dream to figure out why it's so hard to create community among like-minded technology professionals. Long commute time home? Better things to do? Why bother if nobody's hiring?

Or... is it because a lot of those gatherings don't seem very inclusive. Or the stuff that's talked about at MeetUps isn't that compelling. Or maybe like any social group, you should generally like the people you're hanging out with in order to stay motivated to keep participating. We liked these answers better.


Joana Lehman: Chief Journey Officer

I love circling back to things before getting them squared away, and I'm a certified master at saying no to new features while appearing to say yes.

I live in Brooklyn with my corgi and husband. I like to think that creating a product is a process, and process is a journey, and the journey is life, and I'm #blessed to be on this road to innovation and destiny.


Matt Brown: Chief Passion Officer

When I’m not surfing the Rockaways or owning my own distillery, I’m creating incredible solutions for clients.

Why? You guessed it, because I’m passionate. Passionate about dogs, hot yoga, hot dogs, UX, meditation, boundaries, Santa Monica, a beach in Thailand you'll never go to, morning smoothies, parasnorkeling, re-launching things, books, you name it.


Tristan Haas: QA Analyst

Four travelers take hold of a different part of an elephant and then describe to the others what he has discovered. 

One of the men finds the elephant’s leg and describes it as being round and rough like a tree. Another feels the tusk and describes the elephant as a spear. A third grabs the tail and insists that an elephant is like a rope. A fourth discovers the trunk and insists that the elephant is like a large snake. Think about it.


Isar Chang: Chief Visual Dreamscaper

Can designers improve a child’s smile? Can designers brighten a perfect rainbow? Can designers make a more beautiful sunrise?

The answer is: Duh. Only non-designers would ask those questions. Every morning when I wake up after a night of perfect UX sleep, I think, what dreams will I create today…for you?